How to Use Samsung Wallet to Make Contactless Payments

Samsung Wallet is an app that enables users to store digital keys, IDs, payment cards and cryptocurrencies all in one secure location. It combines Samsung Pay and Pass with Samsung Blockchain Wallet (a cryptocurrency wallet) and SmartThings smart home system – all secured by Samsung Knox security platform.

Samsung Unpacked 2022 announced the availability of their exclusive One UI Android devices, known as Wallet. This contactless payment solution works with NFC technology and magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology to facilitate contactless payments in stores, online, and apps.

It works with most Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards issued by banks in the US. Furthermore, it supports an increasing number of international credit cards from China and Brazil.

Once you have a compatible credit card, adding it to Wallet is simple. Just scan or tap the + credit/debit cards icon on the home screen and enter your card’s CVV code. The app will verify the information with your card issuer before adding it to Wallet for safekeeping.

Swipe up from the bottom of your wallet screen to launch it and hold your phone close to an NFC-enabled terminal to complete the transaction. After adding cards, you can add more at any time by tapping on “+ cards”.

The app will save your cards automatically, and verification can take up to five minutes. If you’re having difficulty adding a card, contact your bank to see if it has not been verified yet.

Samsung Wallet requires an NFC-enabled device and a compatible credit or debit card. Once loaded, these cards can be used to make payments at any NFC terminal worldwide. Additionally, the app works with more international cards; however, please check with your bank first to see which countries support it.

No fee is assessed when using your Chase credit, debit or Liquid card with Samsung Wallet; however, depending on your wireless plan and mobile carrier you may be subject to foreign transaction fees and/or message data charges. Please be aware that these amounts are subject to change without warning.

Google Wallet has been around for several years and uses NFC technology to enable contactless payment. It’s available on all NFC-enabled terminals in the US and allows users to store loyalty and membership cards, gift cards, boarding passes and digital car keys from participating brands like BMW or Hyundai.

If you don’t want to use a credit or debit card, Google Pay is an alternative. Simply place your phone on an NFC-enabled terminal and it will accept transactions – perfect for splitting bills or sending money to friends!

Both digital wallets are compatible with most NFC-enabled card readers, but Google Wallet provides more advantages. It supports more international cards and also stores credit, debit, and loyalty cards from other Android brands for added convenience.

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